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Saturday, 10 September 2016

It's been a while! After a wonderfully busy and productive summer, I finally have a spare afternoon with nothing to do—what better a time to fill all of your beautiful faces in on the last two or three months!

Firstly, a massive apology to long-time readers of this blog. I have been a dedicated blogger for almost three years now, posting 2–3 times every single week... and yet my last post was back in July. Taking the leap from student life to working 9–5 has been a lot more hectic than I had originally assumed. All of my free time is spent with Jack, doing chores, seeing family and friends, and catching up on precious sleep. Even my exercise routine has seen a massive drop in the last few months! Despite not having the time to blog, I am really not complaining. I have had a wonderful summer—busy Kassi is happy Kassi! Here is the update...

Working 9—5: After seventeen long but rewarding years of education, the last three of which spent studying for a degree, it was finally time to take my first steps out into the big wide world of work. I entered it rather excited to tackle a new challenge and that feeling has stuck! Working as a copywriter/proofreader suits me down to a tee—getting to have daily debates about commas and phrasing puts a little smile on my face. One person's hell is another's heaven, right? I definitely appreciate my evenings and weekends so much more now than I ever did as a student but I genuinely prefer the hours. As a student, I was constantly worrying about deadlines and essays; I never really had a spare moment to breathe. Working 9–5, on the other hand, means that I can leave work at work and have a completely separate home life. So far so good!

Owning my own car: A recent development in the life of Kassi... I HAVE MY OWN CAR! Since passing my test three Septembers ago, I've never had the opportunity to drive. Nevertheless, with three years of non-driving behind me, I am finally driving in my own car. Commuting to work every day on the tram hasn't been a problem over the summer but, as the winter and dark nights are approaching us, I set myself an aim to have a car by the end of the summer. Luckily, my plan worked and I drove to work for the very first time yesterday! My confidence could definitely be improved but having a car outside my flat for the last week has definitely been a boost. After three years of public transport, how wonderful to see Manchester from a car!

Mine and Jack's flat: After a month or two of playing around with where we wanted the furniture to be and what artwork and accessories we wanted as our decor, our little flat is definitely our home. It's so lovely to be able to come home to my best friend and all of my belongings under the same roof! No more carting our things back and forth... it's a dream, I have to say. We've taken some lovely trips over the summer to IKEA, to both his family home and mine, and even across to visit a family friend in Wales. We couldn't be happier.

And there you have it—a rounded summary of the last few blog-less months. As I foresee a few quiet weekends on the horizon, I will definitely aim to be in touch a lot more than this summer has seen. How have you spent your summer? What activities have you guys been up to? Leave all of your updates below!

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