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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Evening, all! This blog has been a space of silence over the last few weeks and for that I can only apologise. I'm still adjusting to graduate, 9-5 life but I promise that some fabulous posts will be coming your way soon!

I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying my first ever full-time job and I have met so many lovely people over the last four weeks. After getting up at 6am and arriving home after 6pm, however, 'tired' isn't a strong enough word. Jack has been an absolute dime since I began working, having my dinner ready for me whenever I get home. I'm incredibly grateful to have such a loving and caring boyfriend to come home to at the end of the day. Not spending all day together anymore like we did at university, we cherish the time that we get together in the evenings and at the weekends (hence a lack of blogging and also a lack of exercise, oops). We took a trip to IKEA last weekend and visited the Trafford Centre this afternoon. It's so wonderful to live in Manchester with a car opposed to travelling everywhere by public transport. It makes such a massive difference! With the help of my dad and my brother, I'm hoping to have my hands on my very own first car in the near future! Commuting to work doesn't bother me so much in the morning as it wakes me up on my way to work, but coming home is the journey I dread every day. Despite not having driven since I passed my test back in September 2013, I'm actually really excited to get back behind the wheel! Although I'm sure I'll be incredibly nervous at first, it'll be such a fantastic feeling to have the freedom to go wherever I want to go whenever I want to go there! I had originally planned to dedicate a post to my graduation for all of your beautiful faces to see but it seemed to slip my mind... another oops from me. It was a wonderful day spent with both mine and Jack's families and was the most perfect way to celebrate the end of our university lives. I felt so majestic and 'VIP' in my gown—I never wanted to take it off!

I hope this has been a nice little round-up of the last few weeks! I do miss tip tapping away two/three posts per week and will definitely up my game as my working life continues. Thank you for bearing with me! What have you guys been up to just recently? Leave me all of your stories in a comment below!

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