Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's been a long week! So long, in fact, that I'm only just getting round to tip tapping out this week's Sunday thoughts at the very end of the day. This week saw the start of my first ever full-time job, the start of my post-university life, and the start of a brand new challenge! Due to the 6am rises, it's definitely been a very tiring week, but it's also been extremely rewarding. Everybody that I've encountered so far has been incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the more than I learn about the job that I'm doing the more I'm enjoying it!

I've only managed to squeeze in two runs this week due to both my eyes and body being absolutely shattered by the time I arrive home in the evening. I'm definitely going to have to either take full advantage of my weekends to do my exercise or simply force myself to run in the evenings in the week. I'm sure as I get used to my working routine I'll become slightly less tiresome and be able to function properly again! There are a few gyms in the area around my new flat and so I'm going to look for a few classes to go to in the evenings for when the weather gets too gruesome and cold to bear. I mean, it is July, but it certainly doesn't feel like it...

This weekend has seen some quality time spent with Jack. Every evening this week has consisted of him cooking dinner for us and me collapsing on him on the sofa for two or three hours. We had two lovely lie ins both yesterday and today which we very appreciated! We headed to the Corn Exchange last night to try out one of their wonderful restaurants and ended up having a meal at Wahaca, a Mexican. It was absolutely incredible! I fall in love with a new restaurant every time that I visit the Corn Exchange and last night was no exception! After a lazy Sunday morning, the pair of us headed into the city centre for a spot of lunch and a bit of window shopping for home decorations for the flat. After a long week, it's been a lovely two day break.

Anyway, I had better sign off and head to bed. Oh, I almost forgot—this week brought me the wonderful news that I'll be graduating with a First Class degree!!! Read all of my thoughts here. Goodnight all!

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