Manchester Corn Exchange: Pho, Mowgli, and Wahaca

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Jack and I became so fed up with constantly eating at chain restaurants in our second year of university that we made a vow to try out all of the unique food places that Manchester has to offer. Over the last year, we've explored a great deal of the Northern Quarter, we've visited many places on Deansgate, and we have both fallen head over heels for the Manchester Corn Exchange. Full to the brim of very small chains/independent restaurants, there is literally something for everyone all under one roof. What more could you ask for??

The three restaurants that we've tried so far are Pho, Mowgli, and Wahaca. Pho serves incredible and authentic Vietnamese food that I guarantee will make your mouth water. There are a few Phos around the country, most of which reside in London, but you can also find them Leeds, Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, and, of course, good ol' Manchester. My brother visited Vietnam a few summers ago and could not stop raving about the food. When I told him that Jack and I were going to pay a visit to Pho, he almost screamed with delight! That's how you know a restaurant is worthwhile: its quality is just as good as its country of origin.

Mowgli is definitely my favourite restaurant in the Corn Exchange of the three that we've tried. It serves Indian street food, meaning 4 or 5 dishes of different tastes oppose to merely one! We tried something from every section of the menu and were absolutely blown away by the incredible quality. The service was also outstanding—we were in and out of the restaurant within 45 minutes, having been shown to our table, studied the menu, ordered, eaten, and paid! The best part of the meal was, without a doubt, the dessert. There are only two Mowglis in the country with one residing in Manchester and the other residing in Liverpool. If you get the chance and are in either of those two wonderful cities, I insist that you must dine at Mowgli!

The latest restaurant that we have tried is Wahaca. It serves Mexican food, my absolute favourite cuisine, and I can honestly say that the food is breathtaking. We shared tortilla chips and the most delicious salsa I've ever tried to begin with and I ordered a mouth watering steak for my main. Jack had one of the biggest burritos that I've ever seen! Alike Pho, it appears that most Wahaca restaurants reside in and around London, with a few dotted around the country in Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Manchester. If you're paying a visit to anywhere nearby and are a Mexican lover like myself, I would fully recommend a meal at Wahaca.

Have you tried any of these restaurants before, either in Manchester or elsewhere ? If you've been to/live in Manchester, which restaurants would you recommend in the Corn Exchange? Leave me your comments!

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