Three Years of University

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Guess who's finished their degree??? That's right, you're looking at her! This was my happy little face yesterday after having just finished my last ever undergraduate (and hopefully last ever ever ever) exam. My philosophy degree and my time as a University of Manchester student has finally drawn to a close! J'ai fini!

Having a flick back through some old photographs from the last three years, I decided to put together a post to discuss my university journey. It's not been the smoothest of rides (the girl who almost dropped out after three months has finished her three years...) but it's definitely shaped who I am. I am not the same person that arrived in Manchester three years ago. I've grown up a hell of a lot, I would like to say that my fashion sense has vastly improved, and I've come away with a select few lifetime friends. Let's take a look back!

My first year of university, my first year of ever being away from home, was a year of extremely mixed feelings. I walked into my flat in the September feeling more excited yet more nervous than I had ever been, I went home for Christmas determined to never go back, and I walked out of my flat in the June knowing that I had made the right choice to stay. I lived in a flat full of seven wonderful people in my first year in Manchester and they all have such a special place in my heart. They've seen me at my most elated and as well as at my most deflated, yet they stuck by my side through everything. First year was actually the time that I started this blog! After a break up, I decided I needed a project to distract me from my heartache... and three years later, here we are. It's been a fantastic way to keep track of my university life and I would advise anybody who is about to embark on that same adventure to do the same. Sadly, my family dog passed away towards the end of first year. I've never felt heartbreak quite like it and my family home still feels empty without him.

At the end of first year, I started working at French Connection in Manchester. After having such a difficult start to my university career, I decided to stay in Manchester over the summer to avoid the inevitable cold feet I would have about coming back up after the summer had ended. I moved in with a close friend at the time and we had a lovely summer decorating our cute little two-bed flat. Second year began and it dawned on me that I was studying in real time now, and every second counted towards my degree. At the beginning of second year, I decided to leave French Connection to work at Fossil in Manchester instead. It turned out to be a wonderful decision as it's how I met one of my closest friends, Marie. Second year had a few big turning points for me. Jack and I started to see each other, I actually started to exercise on a semi-regular basis, and I finally started to feel at home in Manchester. Thank the lord! I finished second year on a high, content with how the last year of my life had panned out, and excited to see what lay ahead of me in my final year.

You know what they say—three's a charm—and my third, and final, year of university has by far been my best. It's been full of love and laughter, happiness (and hard work), and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last nine months of my life. Jack and I have been closer than ever, I have loved sharing a flat with one of my best friends, and I have finally started to appreciate the subject matter of my degree! Don't get me wrong, I have always loved studying philosophy, but not until this year did it all start to fall in place. To tell you the truth, I'm feeling rather bittersweet about leaving it all behind... but the thought of never having to sit another stinking exam in my life is getting me through!! I'm over the moon that I am staying in Manchester for the foreseeable future, and I cannot wait to embark on my next adventure as a graduate with Jack. Bring it on!

Do you have any stories to tell from your years at university? Perhaps you've just finished your degree like me, perhaps your first year has just come to an end, or perhaps you're opening your chapter in the coming September. Whoever you and whatever you have to say, I want to hear it! Leave me a comment.

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