Taking Stock: June

Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's been a busy month! Here's a round-about summary, find all of my previous Taking Stock posts here.

Making: memories that will never be forgotten with my favourite person in the world. NYC was a dream! 
Cooking: for two from now on. I mean, I was generally anyway, but our new flat makes it official!
Drinking: as much water as I can. I always forget how important it is but it makes me feel so much healthier
Reading: nothing at the moment but I'm excited to finally pick up a book again now that uni is over!
Wanting: a few art pieces for our new flat. I love living here already but the walls are so bare
Looking: forward to starting my grad job this coming Monday! I'm ready for my next adventure
Playing: one of my old genius playlists from iTunes that I had forgotten about. It's a dream!
Deciding: how to decorate our new flat has been surprisingly easy so far, but there's more to come
Watching: Desperate Housewives and Orange is the New Black. Two of my absolute faves!
Enjoying: having a few weeks of freedom after such a strenuous final year of my degree
Waiting: for the sun to come out... still. It's peeping out from behind the clouds but hasn't really arrived yet
Liking: living somewhere with a microwave again! Jacket potatoes take 10 minutes, not 60-75
Wondering: what my first week of my new job will be like! It'll all be completely new to me, a fresh start
Loving: living with my favourite person in the world and being able to see him whenever I want!
Hoping: that my degree results really do reflect how hard I've worked these past three years
Marvelling: at the view only moments away from my new flat. Salford Quays is a beautiful place!
Needing: to jump back on the health bandwagon. New York saw no exercise and no calorie counting (oops)
Smelling: the incredible diffusors that I've purchased for mine and Jack's flat. Cherry & blossom!
Wearing: stripes galore, so no change there. I'm interested to see what a 9-5 job will make of my wardrobe!
Following: the EU referendum fairly closely through social media. It should be a gripping evening!
Noticing: how easily I get bored without productivity. I'm glad for the break but looking forward to being busy!
Thinking: about the Chinese food that we've ordered (I'm hungry and writing this the night before it goes live)
Admiring: how homely Jack and I have managed to make our flat after only five days so far
Buying: home necessities and new clothes for work. They are both needed as well as wanted!
Getting: hungrier by the minute, my stomach is growling (seriously where is this Chinese food???)
Bookmarking: bills websites and transport websites... hello adulthood, for real this time
Disliking: how quickly my fridge can go for full to empty. Maybe I just love food a bit too much!
Snacking: on Doritos and salsa just recently. Nothing quite beats it

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