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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Happy Sunday! The smell of cupcakes cooling down is filling my kitchen as I tip tap away at my keyboard to write this post. I am finally able to spend a Sunday how they are supposed to be spent; relaxing, baking, and cooking a roast dinner. No more university work for me, hallelujah! Although I do slightly wish that I was still exploring the beauty of New York City, it's been a lovely first week spent in mine and Jack's new flat.

Not a lot has actually been written on my calendar this week to show what I've been up to. The pair of us have spent the last seven days organising and decorating the flat in addition to setting up bills, doing our food shopping, and exploring the area. We've only been here a week but it feels like so much longer—in such a short amount of time, this little flat has actually become our home. I love being able to go out for the day and come home to my favourite person in the world. I love not having to ship an overnight bag back and forth between our two houses. I love owning a fruit bowl at long last!!! (It's the small things...) It's been a fantastic week where food is concerned. After far too many months, I met my friend Emily in the city centre of Manchester with her adorable almost one-year-old son for tea, cake, and a much needed catch-up. It makes me happy that I have more friends in Manchester than only my university friends, and I'm excited to start my grad job tomorrow and find myself a whole new cohort of buddies. The food adventure continued this weekend as Jack and I found ourselves talking a walk down to the Quays where a food festival was taking place. After looking around at all of the stalls, we decided to have a hot dog each whilst staring out over the water at Old Trafford. On the way home, we visited an amazing brownie stall and treated ourselves to some goodies. Don't worry—my exercise routine has picked back up this week. That excuses it, right?

And as I mentioned mid-post, I start my grad job tomorrow! I'm half excited and half petrified, but I am definitely giddy to start a new challenge. Anyway, enough about me. How are you? Tell me your stories!

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