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Monday, 20 June 2016

These Sunday thoughts are appearing slightly later than usual this week because, boy, what a week it has been! In the space of seven days, Jack and I flew off to New York for an incredible four days of adventure, returned to the UK, and then moved into our brand new flat together. See—I wasn't exaggerating!

I'm going to put together a post all about our fantastic time in the big city for tomorrow and so I won't fill you in on all the details right now. All I will say is that we had the best time of our life, it lived up to both of our expectations, and we were heartbroken to come home... Can I go back in time and relive my student life at NYU in Greenwich Village please??? Washington Square Park is one of my favourite places in the world. Both of us were extremely tired when we arrived back in the UK. Our flight left JFK at 9.30pm and arrived at Heathrow at 9.30am—great flying times to get the most out of our stay, but horrible flying times to actually get any sleep. We tried to kip on the plane but only managed a few hours here and there, and by the time that we arrived it was time to start a whole new day! Needless to say that we're still extremely shattered now having just moved flats this weekend too. It was a hectic day on Saturday involving many a car journey and many a flight of stairs, but it was worth it in the end. As it stands, our bedroom and our main living area are mostly complete, with the spare bedroom acting as a bit of a dumping ground for all the odds and ends we're not sure where to put. Considering we've only spent two nights here so far, it's looking very impressive!

Anyway, must sign off. Still got a few admin related flat stuff to crack on with before we can finally relax for the day! How has your week been? What have you got planned for the week ahead? Leave me your stories!

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