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Sunday, 12 June 2016

'Sunday' may be a slight overstretch this week—I am actually writing this on Friday evening. As you're reading this, Jack and I will be fast asleep in our hotel in New York, giddily awaiting the adventures of the next day. As it stands, we're currently at Jack's family home and will be headed to Heathrow for our 4pm flight tomorrow! Knowing how hectic the morning will be, and not able to write an authentic Sunday thoughts on Sunday itself, I thought I would put 20 minutes aside to update you all on the week that's just passed us by.

Firstly, and definitely most importantly, I've finished my degree! If you've been following my weekly updates for a while now then you'll have been following the lead up to my final exam last Monday. Thankfully, I walked out of the exam hall happy with my efforts, and ecstatic that I never have to sit an exam ever again!!! It definitely hasn't sunk in properly that my degree is actually complete, but I am over the moon that I can finally relax. If you want to look back with me through the last three years, I posted this blog post earlier in the week. After finishing our final exam, Jack and I headed for a lovely, and much deserved, lunch at All Bar One. I then headed home to start my next binge-watching session of a favourite TV show (Desperate Housewives has re-stolen my heart) and a bath to soothe my soul. Tuesday saw a lunch with Kate and Millie, my two fashion editor buddies, as we waved a final goodbye to each other after a year of working so closely. I also started to pack up my flat on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for next week's moving weekend. Jack and I took a trip to Alton Towers on Wednesday and had the most wonderful day of roller-coaster fun. Surprisingly, the park was actually really quiet! We managed to go on all of the rides that we wanted to, and even managed to ride a few twice. The only ride that we actually queued for was the updated Air ride (now 'Galactica'), and it was definitely worth the wait. Thursday was a day of goodbyes. Meg and I went for a final lunch before she disappears in August off to America for the year and I am genuinely heartbroken to not be able to have random hour-long conversations with her whenever I want. I also waved goodbye to my flat, having packed everything up in preparation for my move. Obviously I'll be headed back there to actually move my belongings across next weekend, but my room is a mere shadow of what it once was. Jack and I then headed down to his family home this afternoon and have been chilled out ever since.

A hectic week, eh? I told you my weeks would be a lot more interesting from now on! I'll be back next week with a massive New York update, I'm sure, so for now I'll wave goodbye! What stories do you have from the last seven days? Do you have anything exciting on the horizon? Leave me a comment!

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