Summer ASOS Wishin'

Thursday, 9 June 2016

White Sun Top / Black & Red Dress / Cacti T-shirt / Ditsy Dress / Monochrome Skirt / Pyjamas
Oh ASOS, stop teasing me. My save for later list has never been longer, full to the brim with pretty summer dresses and potential workwear. Help! My favourite fashion season is a 50/50 toss up between summer and autumn. Although I absolutely adore the bright reds and the pure whites that the summer brings, tartan scarves and mustard yellows have a strong place in my heart. With less than two weeks to go before the three month season of summer officially begins, I've chosen the six items that I am absolutely dying to purchase from ASOS at the moment to share with all of your beautiful faces!

The item that's been on my save for later list for quite some time is this beautiful ditsy Millie Mackintosh dress. I love the cute lace up dealing on the front, I love the floaty sleeves, and I love the neutral colours. The price, in fact, is the only aspect that I don't love, and so I'm keeping a keen eye out in the hope of a sudden summer ASOS sale... The black and red floral dress has also been on my wish list for a week or two now, and I came incredibly close to buying it for my trip to New York! Unsure about how I'd be able to hide a bra whilst wearing it, I opted for this slightly floatier floral dress instead. I am still absolutely besotted with it, however, and so it may be worming its way into my wardrobe sometime soon! My favourite item of the list is this flawless white sun top. It has such beautiful detailing along the neckline and it looks as though it would be the perfect top to cool you down on a hot day. There is no doubt about it—it has to be mine! Another white item that I came across that my heart started beating for is this monochrome skirt. Fascinated by the way that it sat on the model, looking more like shorts than a skirt, it went straight into my save for later list. It's such a sophisticated yet simple pattern that would look fab paired with a plain black tee. An item that is currently sold out and is ripping my hearts to shreds is this adorable cacti t-shirt. Along with pineapples, cacti are the fashion accessory of the moment. I am absolutely loving both the colour and the print of this t-shirt and, at only £7.99, I'm going to scream with glee as soon as it comes back into stock! Last but not least on this ASOS wish list is a pair of Mickey Mouse pyjamas. How cute, right?? I've not invested in a decent pair of pyjamas for a year or two and I'm feeling like now is the right time to stock my wardrobe back up.

What have you been loving from ASOS just recently? Are you loving any of the items I am? Let me know!

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