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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Red Dress / Jumper / Bardot Dress / Blue Strappy Dress / Shirt / Playsuit
As we are finally moving into slightly warmer weather, I am feeling totally uninspired by my wardrobe. To make things worse, everything that I order I end up sending back... Why won't anything fit me properly? Why are all clothes made for giants? Browsing back through my fashion bookmarks trying to find clothes to brighten my mood, I stumbled across a few lovely pieces from Urban Outfitters and Missguided:

I'm dress crazy at the moment! I'm still on the hunt to find the perfect dress for my graduation, I would like to build up a dress wardrobe for when I become a working gal at the end of June, and warmer weather just generally makes me want to get my legs out. The three beauties on this wish list are include this gorgeous red number from Urban Outfitters that I am ever so tempted to buy for my trip to New York, this blue bardot dress, also from Urban Outffiters, which would make the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe, and this baby blue swing dress from Missguided which would work fantastically as a date night outfit.

Dresses aside, I adore the style of this black playsuit from Missguided. I've still not been lucky enough to come across my perfect little black dress, but this playsuit is definitely in the running for a slightly different alternative. I've never been successful when it comes to shirts—in fact, I am actually sending one back to ASOS later today. They're either far too tight or far too big... Why is there never a middle ground for small people who like to wear slightly baggy clothes? Nevertheless, I love the colour of this checked shirt from Urban Outfitters and might have to pop into store to try all of the sizes on (hey, it's in the sale!) The last, and definitely least spring/summer themed item on this wish list is a big black jumper from Missguided. For once in my life, my pyjama wardrobe is less than fantastic, meaning that I don't have enough comfortable clothes to laze around the house in, and what better than a baggy jumper, eh?

What's on your wish list at the moment? Have you been eyeing up any similar clothes to me? Let me know!

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