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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Today marks the submission of my final undergraduate essay and I have to say... relieved is a complete understatement. Whether it's because it was my final essay or whether it's because it was genuinely the toughest essay content, I have never had to work quite so ruthlessly to write 3,000 words. I usually manage to finish a first draft within three or four days and spend an equal amount of time re-reading and re-editing. This essay's first draft, however, took me a whole eight days to construct. Needless to say that, after I submit it later this evening, I will enjoy a long and deep sleep. Sixteen essays, fifteen exams, and one dissertation: done. My third and final year as UoM undergraduate student is almost over. Only 5.5% of my degree to go...

With only one exam standing between now and the end of my degree, and especially with the special addition of sudden sunshine here in the UK, my excitement for the summer is ever-growing. Even more so is my excitement for mine and Jack's trip to New York! In five weeks today, we'll be walking around Manhattan, hopefully in bright sunshine, exploring the world's greatest city. Slightly later in June, we'll then be moving into our first ever flat together (which we're still yet to find, but the hunt goes on!), and I'll be beginning my first ever graduate job. I'm hopeful that the lighter mornings will help my 6am rises to be that little bit easier!

Anyway, as for the past week, it's not been all that eventful. The majority of was spent in complete essay hell with only two exceptions. The first saw Jack and I view another flat, which we did actually really like, but it was unfortunately offered to an applicant that managed to get in ever so slightly before us. We were a little bit disappointed, but there's no doubt that we'll find our perfect flat in the next few weeks. The second exception was a lovely date night on Friday evening. Jack and I booked a table at a wonderful Italian in Didsbury, Gusto, and accidentally ended up ordering a three-course meal. Our excuse was my loyalty card for the restaurant giving us 20% off but, truth be told, we just really love food. It's a good job I run four times a week!

Enough about me, how have you spent your bright, sunny weekend? Leave me all of your stories below!

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