Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 29 May 2016

It's bank holiday weekend and I have been revising for the past two hours... third year life, eh? The only consolation is that my final ever exam is a week tomorrow and then I will be free from education for the foreseeable future. Jack and I will be exploring New York in two weeks time and then settling into our new flat the weekend after! After one more final week of my degree, life's going to get a hell of a lot more exciting.

There's not a lot to report from the past seven days—I've been doing three or four hours of work every day towards my exam, with 90210 breaks in-between. After seven weeks, I've managed to make my way through all five seasons of it on Netflix... oops. My next big watch is the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt whilst I wait in anticipation for the fourth season of Orange is the New Black to be released mid-June. My one exciting venture of the week was having lunch with one of my closest friends in Manchester, Marie. She had just handed in her final project and was absolutely shattered and so we celebrated the end of her degree with a yummy Bella Italia. Food is always a highlight of my week. This afternoon, Jack and I are headed to The Metropolitan in Didsbury for a well-desereved Sunday roast before heading back home for a few more hours of revision. No rest for the wicked, eh? One more week, one more week, one more week!

Enough about my non-eventful week, how are you? What stories do you have about the last seven days?

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