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Monday, 23 May 2016

It's Monday... oops. I was drifting off to sleep last night around 10.30pm and suddenly realised that I had forgotten my weekly ritual of discussing the last seven days with all of your beautiful faces. Slightly too tired to function, I opted to write an early Monday morning thoughts instead (the title of this post is a little white lie).

The reason that this post slipped my mind is because I had had a full day. Jack and I decided to visit my mum and dad in Nottingham for the weekend as a little revision break. We arrived on Friday evening and caught the train home yesterday evening. As soon as we arrived back in my flat in Manchester, we ordered some food, watched some TV, and went straight to sleep. Travel can be very tiresome! Saturday saw me spending some quality time with my mum doing what we do best: shopping. With one more exam than me, Jack opted to spend the afternoon catching up on a little bit of work. The four of us then went out for a lovely Greek meal in the evening and we definitely ordered more food than any of us could digest. Sunday consisted of watching the Manchester 10k on the TV (I definitely will be running next year!), a wonderful roast by my mum, followed by a short walk at a nearby nature reserve, before rushing off to the train station. A full weekend!

The rest of my week hadn't been all that interesting. My final exam is two weeks today and so I've been preparing for that each day. I had a big food delivery last Tuesday, which is always exciting, but the food seems to disappear far too quickly! The remainder of mine and Meg's flat from first year that are still in Manchester got together on Tuesday evening for a quick catch up as we all separate for the summer (and Meg goes to America for the next year!) The highlight of my week was finally going to see The Jungle Book with Jack. It was just as fantastic as I had hoped it would be and I would thoroughly recommend it.

With a week of constant revision ahead of me, I had better sign off. I'm sat in my running gear and will be headed out the door shortly. Have a wonderful week and don't forget to leave me your stories below!

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