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Sunday, 15 May 2016

What started off as a fairly stressful and boring week has actually turned out to be incredibly exciting! My week began by giving a final proofread to my last ever essay before submitting it. Knowing that I would then have to begin revision for my exam at the beginning of June, the week ahead looked all work and no play...

Allowing myself a day or two to relax after such a strenuous few weeks, I popped into town for a bit of retail therapy. This is where I came across the dress that was the first highlight of my week: my graduation dress! I spent three hours in the city centre of Manchester going from shop to shop with no luck had. As I had finally decided to give up and head home, I popped my head into Joy for one final scout and actually came across the perfect dress. It's a beautiful white dress with thin black stripes and blue flowers dotted all over it. The best part? It has pockets! After searching for what feels like a lifetime, I'm over the moon with my purchase.

The second highlight of my week was the Societies and Student Media Awards Evening on Thursday. Myself and the other two fashion editors, Kate and Millie, were nominated for the award of 'Best Section of the Mancunion 2015/16'. It was a lovely evening seeing so many deserving people throughout our university win awards. We were super excited to be even nominated for an award and had no idea that we would actually win one! When our section was announced as the winner, all three of us literally screamed, mouths gaped in shock. It's been a brilliant year working for the paper, made even greater by recognition for our hard work.

The third and final highlight of my week was the greatest of all—Jack and I have finally found somewhere to live! It's a beautiful flat in a beautiful area and we honestly could not be happier to have found it. When we return from New York in mid June we'll be straight back up to Manchester to pack up our current flats and move into our first home together! Coincidentally, Jack's mum and dad had already planned to visit us in Manchester this weekend, and so we took a little trip to the area where our new flat is and had a lovely walk along the waterfront. We finished the day with an incredible meal at Albert's Shed in Castlefield. Yum!

It's definitely been a week of celebration! The next week will solely consist of revision, however, before all of the excitement begins again in three weeks time! What have you guys been up to this past week?

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