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Thursday, 19 May 2016

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Having finally found the perfect flat to move into with Jack next month, I can't help but find myself scanning the internet and bookmarking a million and one homeware pieces. Zara Home has become a particular favourite on my endeavour, as has Oliver Bonas. With Zara slightly more in my price range, I thought that I would put together all of the quirky pieces that I've discovered from Oliver Bonas that I oh so cannot afford. But hey, a girl can dream! And don't even get me started on their fashion line; that's a whole other wish list...

I've had this colourful wooden jewellery box bookmarked for a few months now. I just absolutely adore the shape of it! At £59, however, it is definitely going to have to remain a wish for some time to come. I also came across this cute little cactus trinket pot that would perfectly hide away any essentials. I've been digging the cacti theme for a while now but haven't actually stumbled across anything that I love enough to make a purchase. Another desk item that I have fallen head over heels for is this duck egg table lamp. Not needing an industrial looking lamp for essay writing or revision anymore, it'd be lovely to own a much prettier version! The one kitchen item that has managed to sneak its way into this wish list is a marble salt and pepper set. Since moving out of my family home in Nottingham, I've not actually got my hands on a salt and pepper set, despite constantly being on the lookout for one. This set, however, ticks all the boxes, and is the desirable marble texture that all bloggers aspire to. Something else that I've wanted to purchase for a long time but held off from is a stunning vase. I do own two vases at the moment, but nothing quite as spectacular as this beautiful gold honeycomb one. In a much more 'proper' home, and with a tid bit extra funds to spend, I'm hoping to have a constant supply of fresh flowers in the house. Such an eye-catching vase would be an obvious need, right? As an absolute cushion fiend, no homeware wish list would be complete without one. This time around, I've stumbled across this gorgeous pastel patchwork number and, if it weren't for the price, it would be in my arms right now! The last piece on my wish list is a set of 'K' and 'J' gold letters. Sat on a windowsill or positioned on a bookshelf, it would be the perfect touch to our first home together.

Which is your favourite item on this list? Are you longing after anything (or everything) from Oliver Bonas?

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