June Goals

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Are we really five months into the year already?? 2016 seems to be flying by. Tomorrow marks the first day of June and also my most hectic and exciting month of the year so far! Reading back through my last goals post back in February, a lifetime seems to have gone by. I have kept up my exercise routine of running three or four times a week, I handed in my completed dissertation over five weeks ago now, and Jack had a fantastic birthday. With such a big month ahead of me, I wanted to set myself out a few targets to meet...

01: Sit my final exam and complete my degree
What a terrifying yet thrilling sentence! In just six short days, I will be sitting my final ever undergraduate exam and waving goodbye to my Philosophy degree. The past three years have been a rollercoaster and I've definitely started to appreciate university more the closer I've come to finishing it. As great as the ride has been, I'm ready for a new challenge. I'm extremely thankful for my education, but it's farewell for now.

02: Have the time of my life in New York City
My final exam is next Monday and Jack and I will be flying off to New York on the following Saturday afternoon! I cannot wait to explore the greatest city in the world with my favourite person. If you're interested to hear about what we plan to do, definitely check out this recent blog post! We sat down and planned out each day and evening a few nights ago and so all that's left to do is pack, check-in, and fly! AGGGH!

03: Move into mine and Jack's new flat with no unnecessary belongings (or as little as possible)
I've realised something terrible about myself since moving to university—I am a hoarder. I'm one of them. I don't know what it is, I just somehow manage to form emotional attachments to inanimate objects so much so that it breaks my heart not to have them in my vicinity. Over the last few days, I've begun the process of throwing out all of the things that I really don't need nor want to take with me to our new flat. Despite throwing three full bin liners of non-necessities away, my cupboards still look as full as ever... Someone help!!!

04: Start my new job and master the art of getting up at 6am every single day
I've become more of an early riser over the last year as Jack finds it difficult to sleep past 7am. Thankfully, his habit has rubbed off on me as I now find myself naturally waking up around 7.30am. When I begin my grad job at the end of June, however, I'll need to be getting up at around 6am every single day. I'm definitely not looking forward to the challenge, but at least it'll make my bed so much more welcoming in the evenings...

What a chock-a-block full four weeks! What are your hopes, dreams, and goals for the month ahead of us?

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