Taking Stock: April

Thursday, 21 April 2016

This little series is so lovely to look back and reflect on. Read all of my previous Taking Stocks here!

Making: myself proud with the completion of my dissertation! Reading it back through, I am over the moon
Cooking: nothing out of the blue. Jack and I have the same meals on rotation, I want to try something new!
Drinking: hot chocolate at last! Giving up chocolate for lent was tricky, especially because of milky hot chocs
Reading: tricky philosophy papers for the final time... well, at least those that I'll be assessed on
Wanting: warmer weather. It's finally starting to look like spring, thankfully, but I need the temperature to rise!
Looking: forward to mine and Jack's trip to New York! As our degree draws to a close, it's edging nearer...
Playing: Adele on constant repeat since seeing her live at the end of March. It was the most magical evening
Deciding: where Jack and I are going to live! We're viewing a flat tomorrow that I really want to be perfect
Watching: 90210, again. I haven't watched it in at least four years though! I had to replace Gossip Girl...
Enjoying: trying out all of the amazing restaurants that Manchester has to offer. Dough is a personal fave!
Waiting: for ASOS to gift students 20% discount so I can finally purchase some of my save for later list
Liking: the feeling of only having two more essays and an exam to go until I'm free from education
Wondering: what life will be like this time next year. So much can happen in those all important 365 days
Loving: poached eggs on toast for my lunch at the moment. It's super easy and super tasty
Hoping: that my semester two results reflect just how much hard work I've put into third year!
Marvelling: at how I've somehow managed to keep up an exercise routine for four months. I'm impressed!
Needing: to sort through my belongings and decide what I actually want to take with me to my next flat
Smelling: flowers blooming and freshly cut grass. Spring really is a beautiful time of the year
Wearing: my new Zara baggy jumper. I'm not often lucky enough to find such gems in the Manchester Zara!
Following: nobody in particular at the moment, actually. I've just been too busy! Third year takes it out of you
Noticing: how late the sun goes down nowadays! I finally have the option to go on evening runs
Thinking: about the future (still). I've secured myself a fantastic grad scheme, and I'm keen to get started
Admiring: my time management skills. Honestly, if I wasn't so organised, I would be a panicked mess
Buying: food glorious food. It's all my money goes on these days but, hey, I'm not complaining...
Getting: lazier and lazier when it comes to my hair. I finally have a few straighten-free days each week!
Bookmarking: all beautiful homeware that I come across. This next flat is going to be THE ONE!
Disliking: how little time I've had to pop into town recently. A girl needs a bit of retail therapy sometimes!
Snacking: on chocolate again now that lent is over. Jaffa cakes, you will always be my soulmate

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