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Sunday, 24 April 2016

This week has been quite momentous academically: I submitted my dissertation. 8,056 words, 5 chapters, 32 pages, finished! Although it signified that my degree is finally coming to its bittersweet end, I excepted to feel a bigger sense of relief than I did. Having dedicated the last three months of my life to writing it, I had read it that many times that I had come to a standstill. No more could be done to improve it, and so it was finally time to wave it goodbye. Jack and I printed out our work and went to have two copies bound before submitting an online copy as well. I've figured out that I've now completed 83% of my degree... only another 17% to go!

Otherwise this week, my life hasn't been all that exciting. After handing in my dissertation, I've begun to write an essay that's due in on May 3rd, and tomorrow I'll begin my research for an essay due in on May 10th. Third year just doesn't stop, does it? Maybe that's why there was no sigh of relief on Thursday—it's only 11% of my entire grade! Jack and I did go for a lovely celebratory lunch after submitting at an incredible place on campus that neither of us had ever tried before. Three years later and I'm starting to find not-so hidden gems right on my doorstop. Jack and I went to view another flat this week but no luck was had. Unfortunately, we'd stumbled across a flat in quite a rough area that neither of us would feel comfortable walking around at night. Not to worry, however, as the search will just have to continue! I cannot wait to find the perfect place that both of us can settle down in and call our home, and I cannot wait to spend at least another year in one of my favourite cities. I've been running in my new running clothes this week, which you can read all about here!

Nothing all that exciting from me this week, and I don't foresee anything particularly thrilling happening over the next two weeks whilst I get these two essays written. At least I have a four week gap between my last deadline and my final exam—it's funny how those things work out, isn't it? Tell me stories about your week!

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