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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Good morning all. Today is a day of mixed feelings. Firstly, happy! My dad and I are attending one of his friend's weddings and it should be a lovely day full of food and romance. April 17th however, marks a sad day on my calendar. Two years ago today, our dear family dog Otto passed away in mine and my dad's arms. I've written a few blog posts about the love that we shared in the past (here and here), so I won't say much here other than that I loved him like I have loved no other, and I miss his wet nose and floppy ears everyday.

It was my last ever 'first week' back at university this week, and so the workload is slowly starting to pile up again. My dissertation is due in in 10 days time and Jack kindly read it through with me this week to make a few amendments. I'm going to spend this last week giving it a thorough re-read and make any necessary edits before finally submitting it! It might be a weight off my mind, but I have two other essays due in the two following Tuesdays after my dissertation deadline, and so it's all work work work from tomorrow morning. I had a Specsavers appointment on Tuesday and, who would have guessed it, my eyesight has faltered yet again. Not by much but it's completely unsurprising. I have absolutely no memory of ever having 20-20 vision, having worn glasses for over 10 years now. Can someone please fill me in? Myself and the other fashion girls edited the final copy of The Mancunion this week! On one half of our double-page spread, we decided to create a yearbook style 'Fashion Class of 2016' with all of our contributors discussing their style. I'm really excited to see how it turns out in print when it's released tomorrow morning! Jack and I went flat hunting (and pizza-eating, obviously) on Thursday afternoon, but no luck was had. We absolutely loved the one flat that we did see but, without parking, it was sadly a no. On a positive note, at least we now know exactly what we're both looking for, and our hunt will continue over the next few weeks/month! I'm super excited to find somewhere that we can both call our home. I have kept my exercise routine up this week, like usual, going for four runs. After a hefty calorie-filled pizza on Thursday afternoon, I managed to complete my fastest run ever, and my first 3k since February (oops). Clearly big meals motivate me to run further and faster!

And that was my week. The next week will consist of quite a bit of work, with the only exciting thing that I can see on the horizon being Jack and I maybe going to see The Jungle Book. Have any of you guys seen it yet? How was your week? What are your plans for this lazy Sunday? Leave me all of your stories below!

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