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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Greetings all, and welcome to another weekly round-up! I come to you, cup o'tea in hand (no surprise there), from my flat back in Manchester. After a lovely two weeks spent at my family home, my mum and dad drove me back up north earlier today. Before heading off back to Nottingham, we decided to venture out for lunch and found a beautiful pub in West Didsbury. I'm sure that Jack and I will be back there sometime in the coming weeks! I've spent my afternoon unpacking, watching Gossip Girl, painting my nails, and avoiding the never-ending pile of work that I still have to do. Only two more months until it's all over, though...

My week began with a visit from one of my best friends, Amy, and we had a lovely chat about life with my mum. My week actually ended much the same, as I took a visit to her family home yesterday morning and we happily chatted away to her mum! I love having best friends that I can also call my family. Tuesday saw a trip to my friend Victoria's new house for the first ever time, as well as a wander around Derby's shopping centre. Feeling guilty for spending so much money in Lush, she wouldn't let me leave until I also bought something! Having wanted to try it for a while, I picked up one of their comforter bubble bars, and it is absolutely delightful. It fills up the bath with the most incredible smelling bubbles, and turns the water bright pink. Thank god I still have half to use! Wednesday evening was genuinely one of the best nights of my life—my mum and I had the amazing pleasure of seeing Adele live. It was the most heartwarming evening, hearing and singing along to some of my absolutely favourite songs, and I left the arena filled to the brim with joy. It was definitely a night that I will never forget. Thursday evening saw a long needed catch up with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in two or three years. Isn't it just the most wonderful feeling to reunite with someone and feel like you saw each other the day before? The last event on my calendar this past week was to have a fitting for my bridesmaids dress for my best friend's wedding! It was breathtaking to finally see her in her dress, in all of its glory, and it was a fun afternoon to discuss how everything's going to go down on the big day! 

Otherwise, my week has been filled to the brim with university work and running, as always, but it's been great to have a little bit of a break to catch up with my friends. Jack returns to Manchester tomorrow and, after two weeks apart, I cannot wait to see him! What have you guys been up to this week?

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