How To Spend a Rainy Day

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Drip drip drop little April Shower, do do-do do do-do do do dooooo. As April is drawing to a close, the rainy weather has come out in full force. Where did that week of wonderful spring weather disappear to? Please come back! It's easy to feel uninspired when all you can see is raindrops beating against your window and trees violently blowing in the wind, but there are plenty of happy ways to spend a rainy day...

- Head to the movies. Jack and I haven't seen The Jungle Book yet but all I've heard are amazing reviews
- Alternatively, bring the movies to you! Set up a home cinema, grab the popcorn, and watch your favourites
- Take the opportunity to have a real clear out and clean up. A happy home makes a happy person!
- Lose yourself in the book that you're reading or, if you're not currently reading one, start one
- Spend the day baking your favourite treats. Check out my baking posts herethis one is a personal fave
- If you're craving a shopping sesh, take advantage of the internet. The whole world beneath your fingertips...
- Whip out the board games! There's nothing quite like a passion-fuelled game of scrabble or monopoly
- Take the opportunity to have a  much-needed nap. I know that I would certainly benefit from one!
- Sometimes it can be quite relaxing to pop your earphones in and watch the rain atop a windowsill
- Indulge yourself in a hot bubble bath, your favourite magazine or TV show, and a good ol' face mask

What are your favourite ways to spend a rainy day? Leave me your comments below, I would love to know!

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