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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Would you believe that I've been running for over a year now and, up until last week, I still hadn't purchased any proper sportswear? I made the obvious investments, a sports bra and some trainers, but never reached out any further. For the last twelve months, I've been exercising in a pair of Fat Face leggings (which, ending up with an obscene amounts of holes in, I have recently swapped for a pair from ASOS), and two baggy, sheer tops from Topshop that I don't wear as everyday clothes anymore. Bar my sports bra and trainers, not owning anything specifically designed for working out in has never hindered me. In fact, most fitness tops that I come across tend to be clingy and tight fitting, and so I have loved wearing my oversized t-shirts instead.

Over the last few months, however, as my running routine has actually remained constant for the first time, I've found myself bookmarking more and more fitness gear that I discover online. Wanting to indulge in some new clothes, I decided that exercise was the way to go and I purchased this red Nike t-shirt and these long, black Nike running leggings. I adored them both as soon as I tried them on. The leggings are unbelievably comfortable and I can genuinely notice a difference when I'm out on a run. They'll definitely never be out of my sight, with my regular pair of leggings demoted to loungewear. My Topshop baggy tops, however, will definitely still remain staples in my running attire. I am besotted with my new Nike top, for the colour more than anything else, but I love having different options dependent on my mood. 

Only owning one sports bra and having to cleverly plan when to wash it so that I'm never without it, I am always on the hunt for a second. Popping into M&S last week, I came across this colourful beauty. Being the exact same style as my current sports bra and therefore knowing that it would be the perfect fit, I almost ran to the tills with it in tow. Jack's Nan and Granddad kindly gifted me an M&S voucher for Christmas which I was yet to spend, and so I smugly walked out of the store with my new, amazing, FREE purchase. 

Could you recommend any sportswear that isn't so tight fitting? I would love to build up an entire sports wardrobe to give myself so many wonderful options. What do you guys wear to exercise in?

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