Three Healthy Habits

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Since the beginning of 2016, I would like to think that my lifestyle has changed for the better. I've made a conscious effort to improve my eating habits and live a healthier life. By no means is my diet or exercise routine perfect, and I often find myself wondering what a vegetarian, or even a plant-based, diet would be like. These three little habits, however, have definitely kick started my new healthier lifestyle:

Eating breakfast: who knew that something so fundamental could make all the difference? Before January I had never been a fan of breakfast; I simply couldn't force myself to eat so soon after waking. With so many wonderful options available, however, I decided to introduce breakfast into my morning routine. After two months, I can confidently say that it is frequently my favourite meal of the day. I have started to find myself waking with a rumbling stomach! It would ruin my day before it had begun if I skipped my morning treat.

Cutting out/down on chocolate: attempting to indulge slightly less in my guilty pleasure, I took it upon myself to give up chocolate for lent. Although I cannot say it has been 100% successful (I baked Jack these amazing blondies for his birthday and I accidentally found myself nibbling on one...), it has definitely helped me to feel a lot healthier. Lent draws to a close at the end of March and I vow to not eat a single slither of chocolate between now and then. Although I don't want to cut chocolate out completely once lent is over, it's amazing to know that I can resist the temptation and pick healthier snacks.

Counting calories: this has been a massive part of my life so far this year. Unaware of how many calories the food that I was consuming contained, I didn't give it a second thought. Now, a little more knowledgeable, I find myself refusing certain treats because they'll push me over my daily amount. I originally started to count calories as a way of stopping snacking so frequently; in 2015, you could often find me stuffing my face with an entire box of jaffa cakes. Now, however, calorie counting helps me to make important meal decisions. If I have a big breakfast, I'll have a smaller lunch than usual to accommodate for a decent sized dinner. If I have a big lunch, I'll eat slightly less in the evening. It's also helped me to stop drinking full fat coca cola!

Although it may not seem like much, these three healthy habits have made me feel like a better version of myself. They've made me realise what can be so fantastic about a healthier lifestyle, and I only hope to improve open the habits that I've already undertaken. What are your healthy habits? Care to share?

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