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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter Sunday, all! I'm clearly longing after my dream home this week—picturesque bath tubs, copper-themed kitchen, and warm and cosy bedrooms seem to be taking over my Pinterest just recently. With the definite news that Jack and I will be looking for our own place in the next few months, I'm more excited than ever to decorate my dream home! Growing up, graduating, and starting a real job may be scary, but being that one step closer to the house my heart so desperately desires is a wonderful feeling.

With a supervisor dissertation deadline tomorrow, this week has seen a constant workload. Editing and re-editing my dissertation to make sure I'm happy with it has taken me the entire week, and I've sent my final draft off to my supervisor with a sigh of relief. The actual hand-in deadline isn't for another month, and so I plan to take my supervisor's comments onboard to edit my work to perfection! I headed back to my family home on Monday, and so it's been lovely spending a little bit of time with my mum and dad. As a joint Easter and wedding anniversary celebration, the three of us ventured out for an incredible curry last night. As soon as we walked through the door, almost ready to pop by the amount that I had eaten, I headed straight for my bed. I've also managed to catch up with the best friend this week, as we met in town and went for a lovely lunch at Bills. My stomach was craving their amazing humus and halloumi burger, and it was definitely not disappointed. One of my oldest friends, Amy, is popping round in a few hours for a catch up, which should be a lovely way to spend my Easter Sunday afternoon. I won't be headed back to Manchester until next weekend, and so I plan to catch up with a few more friends in the coming week! It's nice to be home.

What stories have you guys got to tell me about the last seven days? How are you spending your Easter?

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