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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Happy first day of spring! The sun is finally starting to peep out from behind the clouds. As much as I am not looking forward to loosing an hour of sleep next weekend, thank god that the days will be longer and the nights will be lighter! I'm writing this post tucked up in bed with a cup of tea in hand. Jack and I are going to head out to our favourite cafe down the road for a bit of brunch in the next few hours, and then I'll be headed back to my flat to clean and pack. Easter break is upon us and I'm headed home for two weeks!

As I've mentioned for the past few weeks, I had an essay due on Tuesday. Two days ahead of its deadline, I managed to proofread it for the final time and click that dreaded 'submit' button. I also had a presentation to do on Tuesday—the first, and only, presentation that I have ever had to do whilst at university! I managed to power through and came out the other side unscathed. I went to see the course lecturer on Friday for some feedback and he actually said it was a very good presentation, phew! We were presenting the ideas we had for our essays and so he gave me a little bit of a nudge towards my next step. One of my favourite parts of this week was my ASDA delivery on Monday. I love opening my cupboards and there being a sea of food waiting to greet me. Thankfully I didn't buy too many perishables and it'll all be happily waiting for me on my return to Manchester in two weeks. After a poor run on Monday morning, I decided to do some other exercise to compensate... and woke up on Tuesday morning barely able to move my legs. It's true what they say about squats! Thankfully the pain had subsided a few days later and I managed to complete my week with only one less run than usual. As we're both headed home for two weeks, Jack and I went out for a parting meal on Friday night. We tried a completely new restaurant to us called Mowgli Street Food. It's basically a curry house that does tapas sized dishes meaning that you get to try an amazing array of flavours and spices. After stuffing our faces with incredible food, we both decided that it was the best meal that either of us had ever had! If you're ever in Manchester, I would 100% recommend giving it a go. You won't be disappointed!

Although I'm headed home, the week ahead of me consists of endless dissertation writing. What are your plans for the next seven days? How are you spending your Sunday? Leave me your stories below!

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