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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Oh, what a beautiful day it looks outside! It may still be cold and windy, but lighter days and brighter skies make such a difference to my mood. Spring is definitely on its way! Check out my most recent Mancunion article, waving a bittersweet farewell to my winter wardrobe. I sit here with my mickey mouse mug in hand, having just nibbled on a boiled egg and soldiers breakfast. I have a full to do list ahead of me today: take blog photos, wash make up brushes, finish a presentation I'm preparing, submit an essay, and do some work on my dissertation. Who ever said that sundays are relaxing...? At least I got a slight lie in this morning!

My week has been no different to usual; plenty of work and plenty of exercise. I arrived back in Manchester on Monday morning after a lovely day back at home celebrating mother's day. I cracked straight on with my essay as soon as I boarded the train, and carried on again upon walking through my flat door. A week before its deadline, I managed to have a first draft completed, meaning that the rest of this week has just been dedicated to slight adjustments and proofreading. I've also managed to write a bit more of my dissertation this week, and I'll be dedicating my every moment to it after my current deadlines end this Tuesday. Fellow third year students, please tell me you're going through the same torture of endless work that I am? Less than three months to go... I can do this. Jack and I decided to venture into the outside world this week! We spent Thursday evening at Chalk Bar & Grill in Didsbury, munching away on beautiful food and enjoying each other's company. I had the most incredible halloumi skewer whilst Jack opted from a prawn and chicken skewer. The worst part of my week by far occurred on Wednesday afternoon: my kettle broke. Utter tragedy. After an afternoon of editing the paper and staring intensely at a computer screen, all I needed was a cup of tea! Every cloud has a silver lining, however, as my new kettle is far prettier than my old one ever was. Ha!

How have you spent the last seven days? Have you got any stories to tell? Leave me a comment!

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