Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day, all! As I sit in my family home, with a roast chicken cooking in the oven, I feel very grateful. With so many deadlines to adhere to right now, it's lovely to take a day off from constant essay and dissertation writing to actually breathe. I'll be headed back to Manchester tomorrow to start work afresh. My brother and I are making a sunday roast for the family and, with all of the preparation done, we're currently stuck in that hungry waiting period. What a better time than ever to write my Sunday Thoughts!

My week hasn't been all that exciting. Like most, it's consisted of four runs, endless hours of work, and a lot of gossip girl to fall asleep to. It's got to that point of the year where all I seem to be doing is eating, sleeping, and working. To tell you the truth, though, I actually don't mind for once. My dissertation is on a topic that I'm really interested by, and spending so much time on a piece of work has helped me to develop it to a standard that I'm really happy with. Saying that, I still have another 4,000+ words to go... Running has felt slightly harder this week, with my legs not being able to carry me much further than 2km. My Saturday morning run almost didn't materialise due to a day of snow on Friday. By the next day, however, all of the snow and sludge had been rained away, clearing my path for an early morning run. Bar today, I honestly don't remember the last time that I got up after 8am. I'm definitely becoming a morning person; I've started to go to bed dreaming of my breakfast the following day! The upcoming week doesn't look all that exciting. More work, more running, and more early starts. Jack and I have promised each other to venture into the outside world to go for a meal, however, and so that'll definitely brighten up what would otherwise be a dull week!

How have the last seven days treated you? How are you spending your mother's day? Tell me your stories!

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