Review: H&M Face Masks

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Whenever I walk into H&M, I can't help but reach for something within their beauty collection. I love trying out new products and, after hearing and experiencing such wonderful things from their range, I always find myself heading back to H&M for more. Check out my nail polish review here! I stumbled across their array of face masks on my last visit and, with a firm 'it's for the blog' mind set, I couldn't resist picking out three to try.

Dead Sea Mud: This is the first of the trio that my eyes were drawn to. Upon application, it releases the most amazing scent. It hardens on the skin, one of my favourite face mask qualities, and brought a beautiful shine to my face. Despite its bright orange packaging, the mask is a mint green colour, really giving that scary monster effect that I aspire for when applying a face mask (please tell me you know the feeling?).

Charcoal and Pumice: The second face mask of the trio has the an incredibly awakening and uplifting scent—the packaging doesn't lie when it says that it's for tired skin! I felt completely refreshed after application and, despite it's exfoliating texture, it also hardens onto the skin to form a tight mask! Alike its packaging, the mask is dark grey in colour. It is definitely my favourite of the tree, and I will be sure to make a repurchase.

Tea Tree: Similar to the first two masks, the third also has the most marvellous scent. I feel like you can really judge a face mask by its scent, leaving me overly content with my trio selection. I was a little bit sceptical about trying this one, having never tried a peel-off mask before, but I can never pass up a tea tree product. I tried this mask in perfect timing, as I was starting to experience a slight break out. It's cleared up my skin and left me feeling extremely grateful for such fab skincare!

One of the best thing about these little beauties is how much you can squeeze out of them, lasting you two or three applications. Even better, each face mask costs a mere £1.99! For such fantastic quality, they are an absolute steal. I would highly recommend popping into H&M and picking out a few for yourself when you're next in need of a good pamper. Have you tried H&M's face masks before? What did you think?

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