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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ripped Jeans / Striped Jumper / Trainers / Lace-up Shoes / Jeans
ASOS is by far my favourite place to shop. There's hardly a day that goes past where I don't scroll down their New In page and add a few items to my Save For Later list. When it comes to actual purchases, however, I've not always been that successful. I took a look through my ASOS order history back in June and, after quite a few orders between now and then, I've decided to give you all an update on my love/hate relationship.

I have become a total ASOS jeans convert in the last six months. I live in both of the pairs shown above and no other jeans in my wardrobe get their chance to shine. Throughout the summer I was on a constant hunt for the perfect pair of blue denim jeans and I've actually managed to find two! Both are lovely and snug, and have lasted fantastically. I would 100% recommend Waven jeans and ASOS' own Lisbon jeans. The striped jumper has made an appearance in my two most recent profile pictures on Facebook as I honestly wear it to death. It's such an easy to wear item! I absolutely adore the pop of red, giving me that extra excuse to sport a red lip. If you've read my February Favourites post, you'll know just how much I adore these trainers. They are the most beautiful shade of blue and the dogtooth pattern gives it that extra bit of edge. As for the lace-up shoes, they haven't been worn for a good three months now: winter weather is a spoil sport. I wore them every single day throughout the summer, however, and I cannot wait until they can hug my feet once more.

Coat / Dress / Striped Top / White Lace Top / Gold Shoes
My disappointment list is actually quite heartbreaking as it holds one of my favourite items that I've ever discovered on ASOS: the gold shoes. Aren't they absolutely adorable?? I knew that I had to have them as soon as they caught my eye. Back to reality, however, they were the most uncomfortable shoes that I've ever tried on. After one walk around my house as a test run, they were straight back into their packaging. The nude dress is another item that I thought that I would love but it simply did nothing for my figure. The fabric seemed to cling to me in all of the wrong places and the colour was anything but flattering. The coat was supposed to be my warm winter layer but it was far too big, despite being the right size. I always find that coats are far too oversized in both shape and length. This one was no exception, making me look twice my size. The white lace top was purchased back in the summer and was a horrible disappointment. It looked like the most beautiful and graceful top on the model, yet arrived at my house in a crumpled mess. Needing a good iron before I could even see what it would look like on, I instantly returned it for a refund. And lastly, the striped top was definitely not made for somebody of my proportions. It was extremely long, ending below my bum, yet extremely thin. Sadly, it didn't look like a casual, baggy top like it did on the model.

What's your experience with ASOS? Do you love it or do you hate it? Let me know your ASOS order history!

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