Monthly Favourites: February 2016

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Without sounding too cliché, how have two months of the year already passed us by?? With March upon us, a terrifying thought has materialised in my mind: I finish my degree in three months time. Where has the time gone?! The month of February has been full to the brim with every emotion imaginable. As well as beginning my final semester at university and learning the terror of my upcoming deadlines, many celebrations have been had this month. Jack turned 21 two Fridays ago and we had the most amazing weekend full of love and laughter. Read all about what we got up to in this Sunday Thoughts post. I also attended my first ever wedding this month. It was a beautiful ceremony that made me super excited for Lyndsey's upcoming wedding in August! As maid of honour, I now understand how a wedding plays itself out and can fully embrace my role. I also got the chance to visit Meg's family home in Birmingham at the beginning of February to celebrate her 21st, which was a fabulous evening spent in good company. All in all, it's been a pretty hectic month, but enjoyable nonetheless. Here is everything that I've been loving throughout the last four weeks:

01: Puma Suede Classic Houndstooth Trainers
These trainers are my new prized possession. I came across them when nosing through ASOS' sale earlier on in the month and I just knew that they had to be mine. Reduced from £60 to £45 and with 10% student discount, I managed to convince myself that I would regret not pressing buy. And guess what? I was right. They have graced my feet almost every single day for the past three weeks. I've been longing for a pair of pretty trainers to give that simple, casual look to my everyday outfits, and this pair has done the perfect job.

02: Ichi Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt
My wish to keep that simple, casual vibe resulted in me making another purchase in the ASOS sale in the shape of this striped t-shirt. I know what you're all thinking—how many striped tees does a girl need? I don't own a grey one though, so there's always room for more... I've worn this t-shirt combined with my favourite ripped jeans and my new trainers for the majority of the month, and I've loved every minute of it.

03: COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer & Invisible Paris
As you can see, I only own the mini version of this dry shampoo. Coming across it in Superdrug and remembering hearing the brand name somewhere within the blogosphere, I knew that it would probably be a worthy product. I've never come across a dry shampoo that does my hair justice, however, apart from my trusty Batiste. In fear that it would disappoint, I opted for the mini. The verdict? So far so good! It's definitely a lot more invisible than Batiste and it gives my hair that extra boost on a non-wash day.

04: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 'Nude Mauve'
This blusher has revolutionised my make up bag. If you've this recent post, you'll know that my make up routine has only become more varied over the last two months. Always opting for my favourite NARS Orgasm blush, I never gave anything else a second thought. Deciding to treat myself to this beauty in Boots, however, has changed everything. It's such a beautiful shade that brings a natural glow to my face, and has encouraged me to root through my make up collection to try out old favourites. Double win!

05: L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation in 'Creamy Beige'
Another newbie in my make up bag of recent is the amazing True Match foundation by L'Oréal. Hearing about this product for years upon years, I decided that it was finally time to give it a go myself. I can't say too much about this babe as I've already raved about it in this foundation round-up and this make up bag post, but it has done an excellent job at bringing the right amount of coverage to my face. It is my new go-to.

For more lifestyle type favourites, I have been loving watching The Secret Life of the Zoo every Tuesday evening. Thinking that it was a one off programme, I was over the moon to find that it graces my TV screen every single week. Having spent my 21st birthday at Chester Zoo, and being a huge zoo fan in general, it is the perfect show for me. I've also been loving the The Great Sports Relief Bake Off. I miss not having fabulous treats on my TV every Wednesday evening, and this little spin-off series has been a wonderful treat in itself. Jack and I spent his birthday afternoon eating cake and scones at Tea Cup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Always hearing such amazing reviews but never having been myself, I guided Jack into their sugary goodness. Giving up chocolate for lent limited my options quite a bit and I settled on their 'hearty' scone (which was literally in the shape of a heart), whilst Jack picked their pistachio cake. Both were absolutely delightful and I will definitely be headed back once lent is over. Bring on the chocolate cake!

How was your February spent? What are the top five things that you've been loving all month long?

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