Graduation Dress Wishin'

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Images: Navy dress / lace dress / floral dress / paisley dress
Would you believe that I graduate from university in less than four months time? What a half thrilling yet half petrifying thought! As the end of my degree looms and that special day rolls around the corner, I've been on a constant hunt for that perfect dress. My graduation gown is black/navy all over with a yellow and purple sash, so definitely not the most coordinating colours. Arriving at the conclusion that nothing will probably match 100%, I'm simply on the look out for dresses that take my breath away. Here are my top four finalists so far!

Firstly, I came across this beautiful and sophisticated navy number. I absolutely adore the lace shoulders and the lack back panel, and it would definitely match the gown! Possibly wanting the dress to be a little bit more out there, however, I've also discovered three patterned beauties. My heart skipped a beat when I found this gorgeous cream lace dress. Funnily enough, it has the same colour scheme as my graduation gown and would be the perfect match! Regardless, I am absolutely besotted with it and have added it to my ASOS save for later basket... A dress that I came across a good month or so ago was this wonder from Ted Baker. At such a high price point, there's a strong possibility that it won't be making its way into my hands anytime soon—but a girl can dream! It has the most beautiful colours flowing through it in true Ted Baker style and I adore the shape. My eyes will be peeled for a Ted Baker sale in the coming months! Lastly, I came across this paisley print dress from Oasis. It is definitely stunning but it's probably my least favourite choice for a graduation dress. As a work dress however? Give it to me! I love the vibrant colours running through the middle, and the lace detailing at the top gives it that extra something special. Oh, the choices!

Which dress is your favourite? I'm definitely leaning towards number two but, knowing my luck, it wouldn't be what I was hoping when it arrived. Leave me a comment with your thoughts below!

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