What Makes A House A Home?

Friday, 12 February 2016

Over the last three years I've noticed just how big of a difference my environment makes to my mood. Living somewhere that I'm actually able to make feel a little bit homely is just wonderful, especially when thinking back on my year in university halls. I've said it time and time again, but I cannot wait for the day that I can properly decorate my entire home, from floor to ceiling, and truly make a house a home, including:

- Having flowers in every room: okay, maybe that's slightly eccentric, but pretty flowers make me incredibly happy. Mine and Meg's flat has been overwhelmed with flowers just recently, and it's been so lovely. Adding a bit of colour to the room, as well as a beautiful scent filling the air, they've tempted me to buy a bunch every few weeks alongside my food shopping. Hey, a happy Kassi is better than a Kassi £10 better off, right?

- Candles and incense: I have discovered my deep love for candles in the last few months, and I now fully appreciate the difference that they can make to a home. Whether they're a source of light when cuddling up to a film in the evening, or whether they're a centrepiece on the dinner table, candles are an absolute delight. My brother kindly bought me some incense for Christmas, and I have dotted them all over my flat.

- A cute animal to give you affection: Until I moved to Manchester in 2013, I don't remember having a home without a dog. My family brought our dog home in 2000, when I was a tiny 5-year-old, and he sadly died in 2014, when I was a slightly bigger 19-year-old. I long for the day that I can bring my own little puppy home! For me, a house isn't a home without a pet roaming around, getting in the way, begging for attention.

What do you think? What makes a house a home for you? Do you agree with my three suggestions?

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