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Monday, 22 February 2016

Believe it or not, I only started to wear make up at the age of 18 and now, three years later, I cannot imagine my life without it. Having a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog has definitely expanded my passion for make up, and it has introduced me to some of my all time favourite products and brands. Stumbling across this make up tag on Charlotte's blog, I decided to share my answers will all of your beautiful faces. Enjoy!

01: How do you feel more powerful—with nude make up or vibrant make up?
A red lip always makes me feel 100% better about myself. This is the only bit of 'vibrant' make up that I would say that I wear currently, along with other bright lip colours, as I never pay too much attention to my eyes. A nude lip is always a fantastic every day option, but if I want to get my sass on, a red lip is essential.

02: Are you a make up addict?
Both yes and no. Yes in the sense that I can't help myself from browsing (and usually splurging) in the make up aisles in Boots, and I often find myself walking into Selfridges and Space NK without a second thought. Nevertheless, no in the sense that my collection is definitely not as a big as most beauty bloggers, and that there is a lot of make up territory that I haven't touched. I wear mascara on a daily basis, but eyeshadow and eyeliner is something that I need to experiment with! The same goes for my eyebrows, as they're always just a bushy mess at the top of my face. Maybe when I wear a proper 'full' face, then I'll consider myself an addict.

03: How often do you use make up?
If I am leaving the house, there is a high chance that I'll be wearing make up. Whether it's just a bit of concealer under my eyes, or whether it's foundation, blusher, and lipstick galore, there aren't many days that I go outside with a bare face. However, as a university student, I often spend many times lounging around my flat doing work, and that definitely doesn't need to be done with products on my face!

04: Do you think that make up can be restricted to some ages?
I didn't start wearing make up until I was 18, but that's what suited me personally. If other people want to experiment with make up earlier on in life, I don't see what's wrong with that. As long as they're wearing make up because they enjoy the art that it creates, and not because they're full of insecurities and want to hide themselves away, then I don't think age restrictions are needed!

05: Recommend a drugstore brand and a high end brand that are totally worth the hype?
The majority of my make up collection comes from Rimmel London as it is such an incredible brand for such a little price! Their lipsticks are phenomenal, and my every day foundation is also from Rimmel. As my all time favourite blusher comes from NARS, I would definitely recommend it as a high end brand worth the hype.

06: What's your favourite lipstick at the moment?
Over the last two months, I've been wearing MAC's 'New York Apple' constantly. It is the perfect sparkly deep red that is both easy to apply and easy to maintain all day! It's definitely the perfect winter shade.

07: What make up item do you splurge on?
I would love to splurge on a foundation, but the main thing that I ever splurge on is lipstick. The only part of my daily make up routine that I change tends to be my lip colour, and so having a wide variety to choose from is amazing. Most of my every day lipsticks are from MAC, and Charlotte Tilbury's are just out of this world.

08: Tell us what you don't like to see on you but that you like to see on other people?
Brown nudes! I honestly do not like that look on me at all, as I much prefer a pinky nude.

If you've completed this tag, please let me know! I'd love to read through all of your favourite bits and bobs from the world of beauty. What's your favourite thing about make up? Leave me a comment below!

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