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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! Jack and I woke up in a hotel this morning in Guildford having attended his cousin's wedding the evening before. I've never actually been to a wedding before and so it was a lovely first experience! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the venue had the cutest decor. Being a maid of honour for my best friend this year, I'm glad that I've finally been to my first wedding and can understand how everything fits together! It was a wonderful way to spend the day before Valentine's, and we had the most comfortable bed in the world, with the plumpest pillows in the world, to fall asleep in last night. Jack and I are headed back to his family home this morning, and we'll be catching a train straight back up to Manchester later on this afternoon. Our Valentine's will be a day of travel, but spending it together is all that matters.

As for the rest of the week, it was mostly spent doing work. I've managed to progress a little bit further with my dissertation and am hopeful that my research will end in a week or two's time so that I can finally begin writing! After a 24 hour stop at home last Sunday, I travelled back to Manchester on Monday afternoon. Trying to maintain my exercise routine, I managed to squeeze in a 15 minute run in the rain nearing to 5pm. Thank god the evening's are starting to get lighter! Tuesday was a day full to the brim with work from every spectrum: university reading, blog photo taking, and newspaper article editing. Tuesday evening, however, was very indulgent. It was Pancake Day! A few of mine and Meg's friends popped over for an evening of pancakes, and it was a lovely way to end a hectic day. Wednesday was spent creating the layout for the next issue of The Mancunion, and Thursday was a day full of dissertation research. It was lovely to be able to get away this weekend to think about something else other than work. This coming Friday is Jack's 21st birthday, and I genuinely think that I'm more excited than he is! I cannot wait to spend the day making him feel special, and I'm longing for the look on his face when he opens his presents! It should be another great weekend.

Anyway, enough about me. How are you guys? Are you celebrating Valentine's Day today?

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