Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Good evening! This week's Sunday Thoughts are coming to your screens later than usual. In my regular writing slot this morning I wasn't tucked up in bed like I normally am; I was struggling to stay awake on a train between Birmingham and Nottingham instead. Last night was Meg's big 21st birthday party at her family home and, not being that far from my home, I decided to take a detour for 24 hours! I've spent my day having lunch with my family and then falling asleep in front of the TV with my mum... what a wonderful Sunday.

Despite my exams being over, I have still been doing quite a lot of work this past week. Realising how close my dissertation deadline is, and knowing how many other deadlines I have around the same time, I've cracked straight down with working towards my final semester. I've put together a vague plan for one of my dissertation chapters, which is massive progress, as well as doing a little bit of work for my new modules. Having less contact hours this semester is going to be an absolute god send, giving me plenty of time to deal with my workload. I can feel myself migrating to the library for a few afternoons every week in the very near future. I've maintained my exercise routine for the sixth week in a row now! I am so unbelievably proud of myself for finally pushing myself to run properly, and every week for the past six (bar one) has seen four runs. I even ran in the pouring rain on Saturday morning, knowing I had to fit one in before I headed off for my weekend out of Manchester. I've somehow found the time to have two baths this week, which has been a lovely way to relax in the evening. Both saw Lush bath bombs; Lover Lamp (keep an eye on the blog tomorrow...) and Avobath. I lit a candle, popped Gossip Girl on Netflix, and sat back in soothing bliss. Last night was a fab way to celebrate Meg's 21st, and it was lovely to see all of my uni friends in the same room again. We snacked on the most amazing canapés, and I washed it down with a gorgeous elderflower cordial.

Anyway, enough about me. How has your week been? How have you spent your Sunday afternoon?

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