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Friday, 26 February 2016

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My life has been pretty hectic in the last two or three months, and I've found my youtube 'watch later' list growing to crazy levels. I may only just be getting around to watching everyone's December Favourites videos... two months late. Oops. Nevertheless, there are three youtubers whose videos I will give an instant watch when I catch them in my subscription box, and I wanted to share their beautiful faces with all of yours!

First on my list, we have the incredible Ingrid Nilsen. Despite her popularity, I only discovered Ingrid in the middle of 2015 when she uploaded her coming out video. It was heartbreaking to see someone who came across as so lovely and sincere hurting so much behind the camera. After falling in love with her personality through that one video, I ventured into the depths of her channel. Her beauty videos are extremely interesting to watch, using products and brands that I've never heard of, and her fashion videos constantly inspire me and my style. A personal favourite video of hers is a Halloween costume tutorial where she dressed up as Sadness from Inside Out. She has such a unique soul! I don't think that I'll ever get bored of Ingrid.

The second youtuber that I've been loving just recently is Estée Lalonde, formally known as Essie Button. I have followed Estée's blog for the past two years but had never thought to watch her videos too. Taking that first step and pressing play, I was instantly drawn to her calming and carefree mantra. She speaks about everything that she loves with the biggest smile on her face yet has such a relaxing nature about her. She's such a joy to watch! Like Ingrid, Estée has the most wonderful fashion sense, and her make up bag is second to none. With a Canadian accent, her voice is like music to my ears! My most recent favourite video of hers is a natural make up look. Oh, and who can forget about her beautiful 'goals' hairstyle???

My third most watched youtuber, yet definitely not least, is Lily Melrose. Much like Estée, I read Lily's blog for a while before I started to watch her videos, but Lily has been in my subscription box for the past year. She simply has the most incredible eye for fashion, and her ASOS and Topshop hauls are my go-to videos when taking a lunch/work break. Her beauty regime is also to die for, and her drugstore recommendations are always spot on. Lily has also started to post 'What I Ate Today' videos, which I am finding super interesting. On a plant-based diet, she cooks meals that I hadn't even taken into consideration, and she'd be a fab person to follow if you were wanting to lead a vegan lifestyle. Go and check out her recent Lush haul!

Who are your favourite youtubers? Do you watch any of these amazing ladies? Leave me a comment!

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