Pinafore And Dungaree Lovin'

Thursday, 4 February 2016

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The fashion gods clearly don't want me to rock this style—I've tried on/bought and returned countless pairs of dungarees and pinafores in the last six months, but none of them were quite right. Whether the waist is too tight or the straps are too loose, I haven't yet stumbled across my perfect pair.

I can't quite decide which design is my favourite. Do I want a cute little denim pinafore? Or is black a better option as I can dress it up more? Maybe I should give corduroy a chance? Do I want a full length pair of dungarees? Would light denim or dark denim suit me more? Perhaps I should just stick with a classic pair of short dungarees? There are so many options and, who am I kidding, I'd love to own them all!

I know that I'm not alone when I say that stripes dominate my wardrobe, and they suit the dunagree/pinafore look down to a tee. All of my baggy jumpers would come in handy too, keeping me nice and cosy under my otherwise summer attire. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

What's your take on the whole pinafore and dungaree craze? Have you fallen down the rabbit hole yourself?

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