All You Need Is Love Bath Blaster

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It seems to have become a habit that when I take a bath, I photograph it to share with all of your lovely faces. It would be an awful tragedy to use such beautiful products and not capture them in all their glory, and so I tend to run my baths with my camera at arms reach. Bath lovers will agree with me when I say that there is nothing worse than a disappointing bath bomb, and so I hope that these little reviews help you to pick out the perfect products that suit you. Check out my 'Lover Lamp' review here and my 'Star Dust' review here!

This 'All You Need Is Love' bath blaster was purchased back in December from Bomb Cosmetics. Shopping for a Christmas present for Meg, I decided to treat myself to a few luxuries as well. Along with three mallows that I reviewed here, I couldn't resist this glorious blaster. Releasing it from its packaging, it filled the room with the most alluring scent. I popped it into the water and it instantly started to fizzle away, transforming my boring blue bath into a pink and purple wonderland. The entire blaster dissolved into the water, leaving behind a loving pink heart. Surprisingly, there was no glitter that had transferred from the blaster to the water. As a huge fan of their mallows, and thoroughly enjoying this product, I will definitely be making another order from Bomb Cosmetics sometime soon. Having a look through all of their blasters, I'm extremely tempted by Goodnight Honey and Starlight Express. At £2.29 a blaster, how can I resist?

What bath products have you been loving recently? Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? 

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