Wish List: Simple For The Winter

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Coat / Jumper / Striped Tee / Scarf
There hasn't been a wish list on this blog since the middle of November, and so I thought that I would bring you a few fashion bits and bobs that I am loving in the midst of winter. With constant Christmas present buying for the last two months, it's been difficult to find any time and/or money to treat myself to some goodies! The only clothes that I've purchased for myself recently has been these Waven jeans and this ASOS penguin jumper. I've not been too inspired by the clothes that my favourite shops have been bringing out over the last few months, and so this wish list is a small round up of my top picks this winter. 

Firstly, there is the classic grey coat from Topshop. I haven't bought myself a new coat this year, like I usually do, as my parents treated me to a leather jacket for my 21st birthday. I've worn it constantly throughout the last few months, and it's succeeded at keeping me nice and toasty. Now that winter is truly here and I can feel the temperature dropping, I might need to wear something slightly thicker. Having fallen out of love with the other two coats that I currently own, I stumbled across the beauty on the Topshop website and am smitten. I then came across this beautiful dual-print scarf from Topshop that would pair perfectly with the coat. I own far too many scarves, but I can assure you that they are all different in pattern! They go with different outfits, they're different colours, and they vary in thickness. A monochrome scarf would go with absolutely everything, and would scream the simplicity that I aim for in fashion. This Hilfiger Denim jumper has been sat in my ASOS save for later for the past 3 or 4 weeks, and I had no real intention of ever buying it. However, since then, it's dropped in price! It's still far too expensive to justify a purchase, but it's definitely worthy of a place on this wish list! And last but not least, what would a Kassi fashion wish list be without a striped tee? I have been eyeing up this beauty from Forever 21 for the last few weeks and, at only £11, it is definitely within my budget. I always find the texture of clothes from Forever 21 a bit off putting, though, and so am unsure whether to take the leap. Do I really need another striped tee? (Yes, yes I do)

What's on your winter fashion wish list? Have you treated yourself to any gems recently? Let me know!

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