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Monday, 25 January 2016

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Looking at how beautifully all of these pieces fit together in the collage above, I'm not sure that anything I could write would do it justice. With a strong monochrome/metal theme and a few accent colours thrown in, I am longing after every single one of these items. H&M Home—can I just live in you please? Knowing that I am graduating this year and with the hope that Jack and I can move in together in Manchester, homeware is on my mind 24/7 at the moment. Finally having the chance to make a house a home would be wonderful, and a H&M inspired home would fill my heart with content. I would be a walking, talking love-heart-eye emoji.

Let's begin with my favourite homeware accessory—cushions! I've actually dedicated an entire post to my love for cushions before (here), as well as featuring them in my last H&M Home wish list (here). I absolutely adore the pattern of the middle cushion cover, which also comes in a beautiful monochrome colour scheme as well. Picking out the eye-popping burnt orange and mint green, I managed to stumble across two plain cushion covers that fitted with the theme perfectly. To have two of each cushion would really brighten up any plain sofa, and would look even more incredible when contrasted with the black and grey woven blanket that has stolen my heart. I also came across this amazing marble style candle in the same shade of mint green. Continuity is key! Peonies are my favourite flower, and so it would be the perfect living room candle.

Onto the metallic beauties that I have picked out, I firstly stumbled across this incredible elephant plate. It caught my eye straight away, but I'm unsure if I would use it as an actual plate. Instead, it would work fantastically as a key bowl, and would even look fab balanced upright on a bookcase/shelf. However I chose to style it, it's definitely a must have at £4.99. I also came across these cute penguin plates! I would probably use these ones for their intended purpose; they're the ideal size for breakfast or little nibbles. The next item that I found was this metal magazine rack. It instantly jumped out at me as I have no designated place to put all of my copies of The Mancunion. I then came across this beautiful golden mirror which fitted so perfectly with the theme. It looks like the perfect size to hang in a hallway or to place on a bookshelf!

Writing this wish list was supposed to prevent me from purchasing any of the items that I'm lusting after, but I can feel the temptation growing and growing... Is there anything on this wish list that you guys love?

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