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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Good morning! I am a much happier bunny this Sunday morning, with my January exams coming to a close this Friday. Because of my dissertation and an essay based module that I'm taking this coming semester, I only have one more academic exam ever. Despite how difficult and draining Friday was, it's such a relief to know that I only have to go through that panic once more in my lifetime... well, hopefully! Jack and I have just had a lovely breakfast of pancakes, and now we're waiting for the rain to stop before going for a Sunday run.

Again, there's not a lot to say about my week in this Sunday update. The majority of my week consisted of making endless spider diagrams, re-writing my notes countless times, and the battle of remembering everything that I had written down. Friday arrived and I was as ready as I was ever going to be, and I begrudgingly left my house for the first of my two exams. After the first two hours had vanished, I walked to the building of my next exam and had a quick social media/lunch break. Then came the second exam of that day, and I honestly could not feel my hand by the end of it. My handwriting is not particularly neat at the best of times, and I honestly worry that it's quite illegible in exams. With little feeling left in my right hand by the end of the fourth hour, I'm pretty sure that my last two or three paragraphs will be almost impossible to decipher. Instead of feeling utter glee that I had completed the hardest day of my academic life, I went home and just felt drained. My exams hadn't gone as superbly as I had hoped, but even if they had done, I still would have felt pretty exhausted. I hope you never have to suffer the same fate as me! I woke up fresh faced yesterday, feeling a whole let better. I went for a morning run, tried out a slightly different make up routine (finally!), and headed into town to meet Jack for a Wagamamas. Having not been shopping in over a month, I headed to all of my favourite places and treated myself to some goodies. It felt exhilarating to actually be free!

University begins again tomorrow (although I have Mondays off this semester, so on Tuesday technically...), and I'm looking forward to a less hectic few weeks. I definitely need to crack on with my dissertation, but I'll be rid of the pressure to remember by heart everything that I'm researching. Essay subjects are by far my favourite subjects. How has your week treated you? How are you spending your rainy Sunday afternoon?

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