Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 24 January 2016

In-between sitting one exam last week and revising for two more this coming week, the last seven days haven't been all that interesting. I am over the moon to know that I'll be free this time next week, but I still have five more tiring days of studying to go (in addition to a dreadful four hours of essay writing on Friday). 

The only thing that has kept me sane is spending my evenings with Jack. After full days of revision, we've been spending alternative nights at each others flats, eating wonderful food, and watching Netflix. We finished watching Making a Murderer this week, in fact, which we were both entranced by. I don't want to give anything away to those of you who still haven't got round to watching it, but be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster! I still haven't fully made my mind up what I believe, especially as there are so many theories floating around the internet in light of the documentary. The one extra treat that we did indulge in this week was a meal at Yo! Sushi after our first exam on Thursday. We hadn't visited since the Summer and so it was lovely to nibble on some of my favourite dishes! The only other activity that has occupied me this week is another successful four runs. It's been four weeks now that I've ran every other day, and I couldn't be more proud! I can feel myself building strength, and I actually managed to run 3k for the first time on Friday!

With not a lot to say this week, I'm going to leave my Sunday Thoughts there. How has your week been?

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