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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Oh, it's good to wake up back in Manchester! Looking at the images above, however, snow is the last thing on my mind, and there was definitely a downfall last night. I haven't actually looked out of the window yet this morning, and so I'm unsure whether or not it'll hinder me from my midday Sunday run... Who wants to run in this temperature anyway??? I'm going to whip up some pancakes from Jack and I, and assess the damage.

The last week of my Nottingham Christmas break was spent like most other—constant revision, frequent exercise, and a friend here and there. One of the most exciting things to happen to me this week was having my hair cut and dyed. After writing this post last week and receiving massively enthusiastic feedback, I took the leap and booked myself an appointment. I showed my hairdresser a variety of pictures and we talked through exactly what I wanted, and the end result was better than I could have hoped for! The blonde at the ends of my hair is quite subtle, making it difficult to photograph, but you can take a sneak peak at my new 'do here. If anybody in Nottingham is on the hunt for a new hairdressers, I would 100% recommend Twenty10 in Wollaton. Haircut aside, I also had a lovely catch up with my dear friend (and fellow blogger, go and check her out here!) Amelia over a Las Iguanas. Amelia and I have one of those incredible friendships where it doesn't matter whether we speak every single day, or whether we speak once every two or three months. Nothing changes! Jack arrived in Nottingham on Friday, and both of our families went out for a little lunch at a local pub down the road. The two of us then spent the afternoon doing a little bit of revision before heading out into town for a joint celebration. Friday was our one year anniversary! It's been such an amazing year full of love and laughter, and I am unbelievably happy to have found someone who makes me feel so strong and safe. Friday was also my best friend's 21st birthday! Jack and I joined her and a few friends for a meal at Annie's Burger Shack, and we all died in individual food comas. I don't think that I've ever finished a meal in that place... but I would fully recommend the fajita burger! My dad then drove myself and Jack back to Manchester on Saturday morning, and the following week will be full to the brim of revision (and an exam)!

Anyway, enough about me! How are you? Tell me all of the stories from your week in the comments below.

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