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Sunday, 10 January 2016

As you can probably tell from the photos above, for me, the summer could not come quick enough. January has always been my least favourite month of the year and, now that Christmas has come and gone, I am dreaming of long summer full of love and laughter. Before then, however, I have four exams to sit and four essays to write, one of which being my dissertation. Oh third year, you tiresome and loathsome creature.

The first week of 2016 was spent as all of my years seem to begin—endless amounts of revision and accidental naps. My first exam is in eleven days time and I'm only just starting to feel slightly prepared, and so I'm sure another week and a half slaving away at my desk will have me feeling a bit more confident. My other two exams are the week after, and so I'm slowly progressing through my notes for them as well. The only thought that is getting me through is that this is my final batch of January exams and, once they're over, I only have one exam remaining in my life. THANK THE LORD. Essays and deadlines take a toll on me, but I can handle them fairly well. Exams, on the other hand, are my downfall. The pressure of having sixty pages of knowledge crammed into my head to blurt out onto paper in the short space of two hours, and actually having to make some sort of sense... I cannot wait for that weight to be lifted from my shoulders forever. 

Exercise has also filled up my week, finally committing to a proper routine. My aim is to go for a run every other day, or two days in a row if I know that I'll be too busy to squeeze one in. So far I have actually been successful, with last Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week seeing 2k runs. I would love to build up my distance to 3k, then 4, then 5, with an eventual goal of managing to run an entire 10k. Any possible marathons are far far in the distance for me, but I would like to successfully run a 10k at some point this year!

I also managed to see a few of my friends this week, including an afternoon of board games with my best friend, Lyndsey, and two of our favourite pals from school, Henry and Jake, and a Saturday morning of shopping and food with Victoria. I have a few more friends scheduled in for the next week before I head back to Manchester, and plenty more revision and exercise. Anyway... how has your week been?

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