Review: H&M Nail Polish

Friday, 15 January 2016

H&M, you are an absolute babe. Firstly, your fashion line is always spot on, and at such affordable prices too. Then, you brought out the most incredible, Scandinavian inspired homeware collection, and stole my heart. Who knew that you could release a beauty line that would blow up the blogosphere? As a self-confessed nail addict, their polishes were my first investment, and the shades of these four gems are out of this world.

Firstly, a lilac shade with a tint of silver, with the name 'Metallic Lavender'. This was the perfect nail polish for the New Year period, adding that extra sparkle to all of my post-Christmas outfits. Thankfully, all of the polishes have a fat, flat brush, meaning that your nails only need two or three sweeps to look fab. The second shade in my line up is the beautiful 'Foil Blush', which is the perfect mix between a rose gold and a peachy pink. The colour really shimmers as you move your hands, giving the perfect metallic finish. If you're looking for a more flashy mauve shade, this one is for you! Thirdly is my favourite of the bunch, 'Russet Pearl'. It appears a lot more orange in the bottle than it does on the nails, and it actually worked fantastically as a Christmas colour. Without being a pillar box red, it was definitely different to my usual festive go-to, but I will never look back. Lastly, we have the gorgeous 'Silver Fern'. Similar to the purple polish with a silver tone throughout, this is the perfect shiny blue. Another fab choice for New Years, and a great alternative to glitter shades. Shout out to my fellow nail lovers who avoids glitter because they're too lazy to take it off!

The only flaw that I could attribute to these little beauties is their lasting life. Sometimes they manage to make it through the week, but they tend to last four days at most. Have you tried anything from H&M beauty?

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