It's Time To Change My Hair

Thursday, 7 January 2016

As the boredom I feel for my hair increases, so does the size of my 'hair envy' Pinterest board. My tresses have been more or less the same for almost two years now, and it's starting to become a total snooze fest. 

The older that I get, the more drawn I am to shorter hair. Two of my absolute favourite bloggers (Chloe and Emily, go and check out these wonderful ladies!) have had the snip just recently, and I am love with both of their styles. They've also both transformed to beautiful shades of blonde, of which I am incredibly jealous. As someone with olive skin, I feel as though there might be a limit to the lightness of my hair. I was a natural blonde when I was a child, and my hair has gradually grown darker as the years have gone by. I've actually dyed it even darker a few times but, despite being tempted to, I've never gone back to blonde. Fearful that my skin tone would be too dark to pull it off, the only option that I can think of is to ombré the ends of my hair blonde. It's been playing on my mind for a year or so now, and I think that I might finally just take the leap!

All of the hairstyles in the collage above are oh so dreamy. Something shorter and smarter, but still fun with a pop of a second colour. I've never actually tried to curl my hair, but I love the way that shorter, curly hair looks so voluminous and bouncy. Apart from when I exercise and when I'm having a lazy day in my flat, my hair never resides on top of my head, and so shorter hair wouldn't really limit me. What's stopping me?

What do you guys think? Should I take a chance and go shorter and blonder? Leave me a comment!

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