Hello 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016, how are you? What wonders do you have in store for me in the coming twelve months? Love? Success? Happiness? I'm hoping for all three, along with much more. I don't believe in new year's resolutions as such, but I would like to set myself some goals for the year ahead of us. Here are my 6 wishes for 2016:

01: Graudate with a 2:1 (or a first, if I'm putting my heart on the line)
The year has finally come when I will be finishing my degree and stepping into the big bad world. I have worked incredibly hard for the past two and a half years, barely having a moment to breathe between deadlines. I managed to average at just below a first at the end of my second year, and so I am hoping to maintain that grade! I would be more than happy to graduate with a 2:1, but a first would be even better...

02: Stay in Manchester after graduation, which requires finding a job
Now comes the scary bit—what the hell do I do when my degree is over and I have no set path in front of me? I know the area that I am passionate about and would like to go into which is definitely a positive. Getting that dream job, however, is the hard part. My dream is to stay in Manchester for at least the first year after I have graduated, but without a job to pay the bills that won't be possible. The job hunt begins soon!

03: Reach 600+ followers on this blog
What a fantastic milestone that would be! Since starting my blog just over two years ago, I have accrued a following of just over 400 people. To reach 500 would be amazing, but I'm setting myself an even bigger target. My overall aim for this blog is to reach 1000 followers. I have no idea if that's realistic or if it'll ever happen, but I like to dream big. To everybody that already follows me and is a lover of my blog, thank you for all of your continued support. It honestly means the world to me to know that people love the content I create!

04: Finally drive on my own for the first time after passing my test in 2013
I managed to pass my driving test two days before I moved to Manchester back in 2013, which was amazing. The less fantastic part, however, was that it meant that I never learnt to drive all on my lonesome. I've not driven since my test, but I think that this year is the year! Whether I buy my own car or Jack and I decide to share his, I hope that I'll get some experience on the road throughout the year ahead of us.

05: Watch my best friend marry the love of her life
This isn't a wish as such as it is definitely going to happen, but it's something that I am going to be looking forward to over the next six months! Attending my first ever wedding next month, I'll be able to get the general vibe of how a wedding is supposed to go before being the Maid of Honour for my beautiful best friend, Lyndsey, in August. God knows how I'll be able to keep a dry eye—waterproof mascara is an absolute must!

06: Get myself into a proper exercise routine, and potentially join a gym
This is the most generic wish/goal that is on this wish, and could definitely fall into the category of 'New Year's resolution'. I do already exercise regularly, but I have managed to slip into a state of non-motivation throughout the last two months. Being so cold and dark outside at all times doesn't really inspire me to go for a run every other day. I'm trying to get back on track, and it would be brill if I could join a gym at some point this year too. With no bad weather to hold me back, I would have no excuse to not go... right?

What are your goals for 2016? Have you set yourselves any New Year's resolutions? Let me know!

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