February Goals

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Setting myself little goals and targets has always worked well for me. I'm so afraid of disappointing myself, or anybody that knows about the goal, that I push myself that extra mile to get everything done. As my 2016 goals were a popular read at the beginning of this month, I've decided to share my monthly goals as well. They won't be anything too major or groundbreaking—just little things that'll help me become a better me.

01: Continue running every other day, building my distance further and further
January has actually been a very successful month in terms of fitness. I have succeeded at running at least every other day, and can feel my body growing stronger through such frequent exercise. The longest that I have been able to run without stopping, so far, is 3km. That might not sound like a lot to others, but that's very impressive for me. My aim in February is to push that number up to at least 3.5k, (and possibly 4).

02: Make progress with my dissertation research and begin writing!
With three essays to write last November, and three exams to revise for this month (one of which was last week, with the other two this Friday), I haven't dedicated a lot of time to my dissertation. With the deadline looming at the end of April, I am going to dive straight into researching and planning once my exams are out of the way. Oh third year, aren't you fun? Finish one horrendous task and start another...

03: Give my boyfriend the most amazing 21st birthday
A little bit less serious of a goal, but definitely just as important! It's Jack's 21st birthday in the middle of February, and I cannot wait to celebrate with him. I'm still not sure what we're going to spend his actual birthday doing, but I've thought of some incredible presents that I just know he'll love (and if you're reading this, no I'm not telling you what they are!) I want to give him a birthday to remember. 

These are my goals for the next four weeks, and I'm certain that I'll be able to tick each one off by the time March rolls around. Have you set yourself any goals for the next month, or 2016 in general? I'd love to know!

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