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Thursday, 10 December 2015

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Winter has always been my least favourite season. The nights are long, the days are short, and the weather is atrocious! Regardless, there are definitely aspects of this time of the year that have a place in my heart. Both my spring and summer tags were posted earlier on this year, with my autumn tag belonging to 2014. I opted for the Christmas tag last December, and so here is the final addition to my seasonal tag series!

01: What are your favourite things about winter?
The holiday season is the obvious choice. As soon as my birthday has come and gone in mid-October, the excitement for Christmas begins to grow. It's honestly and truly the most wonderful time of the year. The world is so much kinder when it's festive! Although I despise the early nights that accompany winter, I absolutely love the atmosphere of Christmas lights here, there, and everywhere. Walking through Manchester city centre at 5pm, no sun in sight, and a constant stream of fairy lights wherever you go... it's magical.

02: What is your favourite winter outfit?
Autumn is all about deep reds, rusty oranges, and olive greens, but winter is all about pillar box red. I own the most beautiful tartan red scarf that I wear constantly throughout winter, and it looks fab paired with just about anything. My go to outfits would definitely have to be either all black (black jumper, black jeans, black socks, black boots), or my favourite ASOS striped jumper paired with classic blue jeans—both with a flash of my fave red scarf. A red lip is an absolute essential, as well as glittery cheeks and a pair of earmuffs. Ta-da!

03: What is your favourite winter food?
It's difficult to walk around Manchester Christmas markets without getting drawn in by the food! I've never been a fan of some of the winter classics, such as mince pies and black pudding, but turkey has always been a favourite for me. Why are we restricted to it for one day of the year?? Turkey and stuffing sandwiches are an absolute god send during winter, as well as mouth-watering pigs in blankets on every supermarket aisle!

04: What is your favourite winter drink?
You will definitely know the answer to this if you read my recent post about a specific Starbucks holiday drink! Since writing that love letter, I have come across just as beautiful drinks, such as a gingerbread hot chocolate from Starbucks, a caramel fudge hot chocolate from Costa, and a white hot chocolate also from Costa. I will be so heartbroken when they all go back to their usual menus!

05: What is your dream way to spend a winter's day?
If I'm answering honestly, it would include not leaving the house. Whether it's raining, windy, or just bitterly cold, I would rather stay warm and cosy wrapped up in my brand new m&s dressing gown. With a constant stream of tea and/or hot chocolate, my favourite festive movies playing, snuggled up to my best friend under a fluffy blanket. Cinnamon candles burning and cookies baking in the oven. My dream winter's day.

06: What are the first three things that remind you of winter?
Dazzling fairy lights, beautiful bright green Christmas wreaths, and crisp white snow.

07: What is your favourite winter scent?
The smell of walking around the Christmas markets is an amazing one, with a variety of different foods being cooked. Otherwise, the incredible candle that Meg bought me for my birthday—it is Christmas in a candle.

08: What is your favourite winter memory?
Decorating the house for Christmas is always a special time every year. This December will be the second in a row that I won't be around to decorate the tree, which is usually my dedicated job. I love going through the assortment of baubles and decorations that my mum and dad have collected over the years and pick out the theme for that year. I will then decide which exact baubles I'll be using, and start to decorate the tree with utter precision. I cannot wait to have my own house and family to share such a special experience with!

09: What is your one Christmas wish this winter?
I know it's cliché, and it's what everyone answers this question with, but for my friends and family to be truly happy. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than knowing that the people that I love and cherish are full of joy and empty of sorrow. The world is a much better place when everyone's smiling.

Have you done the winter tag on your blog? What are your answers to these questions? Tell me your stories!

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